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On behalf of Vietnam Veterans of America, I want to thank everyone involved in the creation and production of the extraordinary [film] that you will be watching this evening.  Through the efforts of a very talented group of people, the impact of a personality disorder discharge now becomes “real” for all Americans and not just for those individual military personnel and veterans suffering from a “pd discharge”.

Thomas J. Berger, Ph.D. Executive Director, Veterans Health Council, Vietnam Veterans of America


Reynolds is the first film to confront both the Illegal Personality Discharge Crisis and homelessness among Iraq/Afghanistan veterans.

Reynolds depicts a day in the life of Marine Staff Sergeant James Reynolds, a homeless veteran in Santa Monica, California who is trying to overcome his illegal diagnosis of personality disorder and reintegrate himself back into civilian society. In the film, Staff Sergeant Reynolds is one of the more than 30,000 veterans who were discharged on the basis of personality disorder since 2001, many illegally.

Reynolds is a collaboration between several young filmmakers, actors, and artists who have watched the men and women of their generation go to war, then return, only to join the ranks of the homeless, some with lingering and misdiagnosed injuries. Reynolds was inspired both by the plight of homeless veterans in Los Angeles, and the advocacy work of Vietnam Veterans of America.

Some veterans who received illegal personality disorder discharges, in reality, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, their incorrect Department of Defense diagnosis of personality disorder deprives them of the benefits they need for proper treatment. By using the power of cinema, Reynolds dramatizes a policy problem that affects over 30,000 veterans, some of whom are wounded, misdiagnosed and looking for answers.

The cast and crew of Reynolds are a team of talented industry professionals, most of whom live in Los Angeles. The film was directed by Jacob McCafferty; written by Cutty Cuthbert and photographed/edited by Alex Anderson. Jacob, Cutty, and Alex were joined by an extremely strong cast of actors, including: PJ Brown (The Good Wife, Boardwalk Empire), Sam Daly (Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Red Tails), Justin Park and Jennifer Schoch. Claire Wadsworth composed the original song “Call My Name” for the film. Reynolds was associate produced by Dana Freedman and Jace Sparks. Mike Padgett was the IT advisor on the film. Additionally, Jonathan Beaudette served as sound editor, and Keith G. Little as Production Sound Technician.



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